Riverside Speedway and Adventure in Groveton, New Hampshire held and informational meeting about the future of 4 cylinder racing at the high banked ¼ mile Speedway. The meeting was presented to a jam packed house full of anxious racers.


            Chief Technical Inspector, Jay Avery, Tech Inspector, Jamie Heath moderated the meeting. The conversation included possible upgrades to the Bone Stock 4’s division and possible changes to the Formula Fours. The possible changes that were discussed included the possibility of starting an enhanced Bone Stock 4’s class which would allow the opportunity to have some upgrades to a Bone Stock car including suspensions, bracing, wheels, etc. The Formula Fours conversation centered around upgrading the class to Northeast Mini Stock Tour rules which had been discussed prior to the 2021 racing season.


          The question and answer meeting went extremely smoothly, and there was a lot of respectful banter that featured many constructive ideas for the future of the classes. Management is hopeful to have their decisions made up around banquet time, and then the rules packages produced soon after.


            Avery stated that he was pleased with the meeting and was happy about the number of competitors and crews in attendance and especially happy with the way the meeting preceded. He is very excited about the future of the four cylinder classes.


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