Give Your Youngster The Racing Experience

Give Your Youngster The Racing Experience

Join a junior go-kart racing division in Groveton, NH

There's no reason kids can't participate in the world of motorsports. Riverside Speedway and Adventure Park hosts go-kart racing events on a special asphalt go-kart track in the pits, designed just for the karts. We have five divisions-Rookie A and B, Junior Mini Pro, Mini Pro, and Pro. Spectator grandstand admission is completely free, so you're always welcome to watch the kids have fun.

Riverside Speedway and Adventure Park is gearing up for the 2020 kart racing season as they make plans for another exciting year of competitive go-kart competition. This past year was a tremendous success, and the staff are preparing for an even better season in 2020. The phones have begun to ring regularly, as people are anxious to get as much information as possible so they can prepare themselves for the upcoming season, including registering new competitors and offering sponsorship for the youngsters.

Longtime supporter, Jessica Pelletier, will again assume the leadership role in 2020, with a stout group of volunteers at her side. Pelletier doesn't foresee any major changes to the program, except for the one rule change which will now allow the one-time use of a substitute driver during the season, as well as the personnel loss of announcer Dylan Palmer. Palmer is stepping down from his announcing duties to focus on being a kart owner. Pelletier, and the remaining crew, including new go-kart track owner, Michael Humphrey, are looking to make the 2020 season the best one yet.

All five of our go-kart racing divisions will be returning in 2020. Divisions will be condensed, and changed, as necessary. Stay up to date by contacting us today.

The management team

We're proud to announce our finalized 2020 go-kart program management team, including:

  • General Manager - Jessica Pelletier
  • Chief Starter - Dean Switser
  • Head of Tech - Joseph Kennett & Faron Deyette
  • Handicapper / Pit Steward/Lineups - Jessica Pelletier
  • Scorers - Dawn Pelletier, Min Kennett & Nick Gilcris
  • Announcer - Kenny Driscoll
  • Corner Personnel - Randy Pelletier & Pete Gilcris
  • Pit Booth Manager - Jamie Boutin
  • Track Photographers - Alan Plummer & Shirley Nickles
  • 50/50 Sellers - Sydney Potter, Makalyn Kenison, Mylee Kenison
  • Consultants / Substitutes - Jack Call, Shawn Sicard, Pete & Nancy Marshall

The management team from Riverside Speedway and Adventure Park and the go-kart program are pleased with the schedule that has been released. They will continue to seek sponsorships and put the final touches on the 2020 Karting season. For more information, call Jess Pelletier at 603-631-5482 or e-mail her at jpelletier787@hotmail.com. Riverside Speedway and Adventure Park is located at 78 Craggy Road in Groveton, New Hampshire.